The Pilot #42: Back With Vengeance With: ANTENNA THE END!

1/22/2016 How can you describe our first show of the year? Simply DopeFly! WalterandFonz head to Studio City to hang with Antenna The End. David, Brock and Dani share a bottle of Tanqueray and talk about their unique and kickass sound. We discuss tracks from their latest release and the history of Gin? Gin Is In!  Hipster or just old? The tell is in the back pain! Levels of disk herniation? Doctors use millimeters, we use music artists, consider yourself permanently immobile if you are level “Nick Cave.” Hashtags for 2016: #orderalemmy #muffinscarf #nofilter #ginisin #dontlistentowalterandfonzshow and of course… #DOPEFLYBRO! …#GAMEON!


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