The Pilot #51: Greg Tracy in the House!

9/28/2016 This is one of the reasons why we have a podcast… to hear kick ass stories from kick ass people! Stunt Driver ,Greg Tracy, hangs and welcomes Fonz to the LBC! The 7-time Pike’s Peak champion shares his experiences on the mountain and what it’s like to perform car stunts for some of the coolest films. Greg travels to Idaho to watch his buddy Eddie Braun complete a stunt that 42 years ago his hero, Evel Knievel, could not complete. Walt, under the weather, rallies and shares the story of the infamous Ford Escort and we chat must-go places in LBC! Flying a tin can over 400 miles per hour? That’s crazy! This show is crazy! Hold on to your hats, this show has no stunts yet, the first one is you pressing play!GregTracy

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