The Pilot #63: Lance Anderson

05/25/2017  Ever worn a belt? Ever made a belt? Ever made a belt for John Doe of X!?! Yup, that’s the dude, Lance Anderson! Not only is he creative with the leather, he is one of the originators of Podcasting and co-founder of LA Podcasters!  We talk about the inaugural inductees to the Podcasting Hall of Fame and the 2 LA Podcasters who made it! Fonz get’s X’s Los Angeles on vinyl and if you like the “Great Bambino” this is an important day! Fonz tells us what Babe Ruth accomplished on this day and also when he got arrested in Long Beach?! Pretty cool tale! Not as cool… Walt’s Babe Ruth joke… The most cool: Julia Muzquiz of the 951 and Jason Small of Fantastic IT. Thanks for your support!

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