The Pilot #67: The Story of The Song

7/26/2017  Skate or Die!!! Actually, closer to death than skate! Walter rushes to Fonz’s house on a skateboard only to pull a muscle, eat crap and tear his shorts! Walter also shares how the Intro Song was created in an occurrence that will probably never happen again! Fonz reviews The Classic West; no, not the Roosevelt vs. Garfield football game but the 2 day gala at Dodger Stadium featuring Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Earth, Wind & Fire among others, and the show puts it’s first step forward in trying to create sister cities between Long Beach & Skellefteå, Sweden by calling one of it’s newest residents, Rene Cortez! How do you say Cheers in Sweden? Skål!!! How do you say kickass in Sweden? Walter and Fonz Show Podcast!


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