The Pilot 47C: Third Time’s A Charm!

+1ShareTweetPin6/15/2016 WalterandFonz travel to metal burger joint Grill ‘Em All before the show. They sip on beer dedicated to Australia’s finest rock bands and rank their favorite soundtracks in Medal Music! Walter meets a punk rock icon, hope he didn’t… Continue Reading

The Pilot #46: Dekes Are In!

+1ShareTweetPin5/19/2016 Dekes are in! WalterandFonz and Tommy Guzzo hang after several years. Fonz turns the show into Behind the Music: Dek Factor! Were they like the MC5? No, but they were certainly better live than recorded! Bear fights Lion, who… Continue Reading

The Pilot #45: The Fonz and I Show!

+1ShareTweetPin5/10/2016 Fonz gets reservations for the hottest show on Broadway: Hamilton! The cost? Season passes to The Pantages Theatre. Lookout Coachella, Old-Chella is coming: Desert Trip in October. WalterandFonz do a horrible, yet spot on job describing the event and… Continue Reading