The Pilot #17: What do we know about DJ’s?!! Aaron Quest & Intro in the house!

TweetSharePin 2/20/2014 What do we know about DJ’s?! WalterandFonz get these two off the turntables and behind the mic! Vertigo Legend & Eastside Luv resident DJ Aaron Quest & The Mayor of Alhambra DJ Intro stop by to drink beer….… Continue Reading

The Pilot #16: Need a LYFT and some jams?!? Shanna Gilfix provides that and more!!!

TweetSharePin 2/5/2014 Singer and camera slinger, Shanna Gilfix kindly opens her westside apartment doors to WalterandFonz Show! The NorCal native talks to us about her move to Los Angeles for her singing career and her photography. She also jams and… Continue Reading

The Pilot #15: Did you have a great New Year?! I hope the animal cruelty commercial did not kill your buzz!

TweetSharePin Did you have a great New Year?! I hope the animal crueltycommercial did not kill your buzz!  Freak Power strikes! Marijuana sells in Colorado, no violence, lots of green and tons of Tax revenue, bastards! Absolutely best way to… Continue Reading

The Pilot #14: Kids, Santa Only Comes For Those Who Leave Milk & Cookies…And SLAYER!

TweetSharePin 12/25/2013 WalterandFonz have a Metal Christmas! Roy Heatherington ( talks about his new show on YouTube, ‘5 Minutes of Metal!’ Elf on the Toilet? Those are not coals in the bottom of the stocking! When white elephant becomes dumbo… Continue Reading

The Pilot #13: Can He Kick It?! Local Punk Photographer Anthony Hernandez Brings Gifts!

TweetSharePin 12/11/2013 From Redondo Beach, photographer Anthony Hernandez hangs out and brings three of our favorites: Stories, Tunes and Beer! Photography, music from Redondo’s own Special C, and craft brew from Whole Foods! 2 Salvi’s get into accidents, are they… Continue Reading

The Pilot #12: Thanksgivukkah With A Smile… With A Mustache!

TweetSharePin 11/28/2013 The beer that tastes like a breakfast smoothie? If you like Wheat! Ubiquitous!?! What the heck is that?!? Apparently Hamburgers are, Robin, did fonz even say it right? Does anyone remember Osco Drugs? WalterandFonz talk about Thanksgivukkah? Mazel,… Continue Reading

The Pilot #10: Ye Canada, Cavity Check With A Smile?! Still Worth The Trip!

TweetSharePin 10/22/2013 Ye Canada, cavity check with a smile?! Still worth the trip! Fonz travels to Canada while Walter learns about the Mckenzie Bros, “Take off, to the great white north!” Will the Thrill is in the house. Doggie drugs!… Continue Reading

The Pilot #8: Funktasticmelofunktron Friday… The 13th!

TweetSharePin 9/23/2013 Blue equals funk?! FanstasticmelofunktronFriday…the 13th?! Walter and Fonz discuss the history of Friday the 13th! Fonz realizes he committed to throwing a Halloween party from a previous drinking night. Oh yeah, and James Brown, we love James Brown,… Continue Reading