The Pilot #57: Special C Part Deux!!!

1/30/2017 As good as 57 has been to Heinz and the Chevy, our next Pilot, #57, brings greatness to this number! Walter and Fonz shoot out to Jason ‘Bubba’ McMackin’s icebox of a garage to hang with Special C!  The South Bay reggae/punk rock trio talks about the new line-up, the release of their new track: Rearview and what it was like to work with long time photographer and director, Josh Coffman, on the video. The crew weathers below 50 degree temperature (yes, that’s brutal in Southern California) and talks about their upcoming show at the Roxy Theatre.  Fonz shares a little history on the infamous venue and we share stories about Sunset.  Who doesn’t have stories from Sunset Blvd?!  Pure ridiculousness and absolute hilarity on this one; there is even an Anthony Hernandez cameo!!!

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