The Pilot #37: Whiskey is A-Go-Go…and so is Rum!

7/03/2015 In our double blind study, WalterandFonz are blindfolded to test which $20 whiskey takes the gold. We also try to find how Kirkland Bourbon competes with the field. With the first president to come out on a podcast, we… Continue Reading

The Pilot #36: The Potential Show – Gina Ruccione!

6/04/2015 In the new year, we hit the ground stumbling and crash into the Gaytonia Castle in Long Beach, CA. Blogger/Comedian/Acting Student, Gina “Rooch”, joins WalterandFonz in the mayhem.  We talk about her blog, FoodFashionFoolishFornication, and her transformational trip to… Continue Reading

The Pilot #35: I’ll Take The Special C w/ a Side of Fireball!

Even if you wear a chicken outfit, you can still enjoy this show! WalterandFonz head out to the South Bay to hang with the pride of Redondo Beach, Special C! Drummer Jason “Bubba” McMackin & Bassist Evan Pershing share the… Continue Reading

The Pilot #34: “The Future Marty?” The Future is Now!

1/22/2015 Happy 2015, the present is what Marty McFly & Dr. Emmett Brown know as the future! WalterandFonz kick off the New Year on Skype due to Fonz on his death bed!  We discuss what existed in BTF II and… Continue Reading