The Pilot #35: I’ll Take The Special C w/ a Side of Fireball!

Even if you wear a chicken outfit, you can still enjoy this show! WalterandFonz head out to the South Bay to hang with the pride of Redondo Beach, Special C! Drummer Jason “Bubba” McMackin & Bassist Evan Pershing share the PMA & invite us over to The VFDub Post 2828, site of some of the baddest punk rock shows and local watering hole for the band and friends. We drink “house wine” a.k.a. Fireball and chat all things Special C: The origin of their name, their last album & the story of Taco Dub!!! What is the Mt. Rushmore of reggae, punk & South Bay Music!? Walt passes traffic school… Fonz snowboarding= Busted lip… Dustin, wish you would have made it! In spite of Jason’s request to not edit, we had to…. a lot! Nonetheless, we got it done and now tell your friends… it is the “Mouth Bay!” Thanks guys!



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  1. This interview with Special C is rad. Everything they are saying about “The South Bay” is spot on. I grew up there and there’s a robust musical history AND a tight knit, large group of people who love each other and look out for each other.

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