The Pilot #75: Silvio Gaspar Barahona

1/23/2018 It was a beer drinking, whiskey sampling, banjo playing extravaganza of a night! Silvio Gaspar Barahona, brewer for Hop Saint Brewing Company, brings a couple of growlers and chats about the brewery, and Pure Intention, the award winning beer that medaled at the Great American Beer Festival!  Silvio, banjo player for Big Bad Rooster, a bluegrass band straight from the sticks of Long Beach, talks about their recent release, the video for the single, “Whiskey Bottom Blues,” and their upcoming album. Silvio names the top three dive bars in LBC! Walt declares himself a Vegan?!  We got no beef with the way this night turned out!


  1. Thanks for this show, guys. I really enjoyed listening to Gaspar talking about beer!

    • Our pleasure Diana, we truly appreciate it! Oh yeah, Gas dropped some knowledge!

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