The Pilot #70: Ché ho, Let’s Go!

11/10/2017 Fonz returns from his travels to Argentina! What did he miss? An up and down roller coaster of a playoff season for the Dodgers. We discuss Argentinian food, culture, exotic animals as well as a Hollywood in Buenos Aires?!… Continue Reading

The Pilot #69: Opie Ortiz & Damien King

9/22/2017 This podcast will tattoo your ears! If it doesn’t, Opie Ortiz and Damien King will! Walter and Fonz shoot out to Still Life Tattoo in Seal Beach to talk shop! Opie Ortiz is not only an awesome tattoo artist,… Continue Reading

The Pilot #68: The Football Show!

8/14/2017 With football around the corner, it was only appropriate that Walter and Fonz share some of their favorite football stories.  Trust, these stories are odd; not even Wikipedia has this info! A player lives in the hospital during the season… Continue Reading