The Pilot #58: Sassy McFly!

2/27/2017 We are back! Pardon the delay, but we’re back with flying colors! WalterandFonz talk about “Tavo McFatty Robles” who won our podcast T-shirt… 3 years ago!!!  But we finally deliver, actually Fonz does and annoys the crap out of everyone at the post office! With spring break and summer around the corner, we get a flight attendant by the moniker “Sassy McFly” to come on and discuss flying etiquette and dark tales of the mile high club! Consider yourself “travel certified” after listening to this show! Walt talks getting balled up by our 10th grade Geometry teacher… Hoops is on!… Buy our new awesome T-Shirt and prepare for take-off cause this show may need a crash landing! The February Podcast about the unfriendly skies…



  1. Nice Steve Aoki shout out. You all NEED to watch the short film, documentary about him. It’s SUPER good. It’s called “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. You can see it on Netflix. Neptunas love Walter and Fonz…por vida! Thanks for another great podcast.

    • Wow! Will totally check that out! I know what I’m doing this weekend! Hell yeah! Walter and Fonz Show always down for Neptunas!!! Can’t believe you guys are playing a show out in Mexico!

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