The Pilot #74: Jesse Lee

1/12/2018 Happy New Year!!! In the first podcast of the year, we chat with model, stay at home Dad, Highland Games competitor, and all around cool dude, Jesse Lee. He prepares us for the upcoming 25th Annual Long Beach ScotsFestival in February, by explaining the history of the Highland Games, the different events and his experiences as a 4 year competitor. This gentle giant talks about what he looks forward to this year competing as well as his throwing club, the 805 Heavies, that you know, go to the park and participate in physical activity like throwing telephone poles and stones heavier than most 5 year olds! Fonz starts the New Year by watching the new Star Wars movie and Walt has bold predictions for 2018! Banter, Riffraff, Booze and Tunes once again in 2018, here we go!

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