The Pilot #34: “The Future Marty?” The Future is Now!

1/22/2015 Happy 2015, the present is what Marty McFly & Dr. Emmett Brown know as the future! WalterandFonz kick off the New Year on Skype due to Fonz on his death bed!  We discuss what existed in BTF II and what still needs to be created. Do you have a soft spot for Holiday Disneyland? If you didn’t they will infuse it in you! Baseball HOF’s have been inducted as we share stories about this year’s inductees that you may not know. We pay ode to a man that is the front-runner in my ballot every year, Mr. Charlie Hustle, Pete effin’ Rose!!! Why he should be in Cooperstown and not Las Vegas! Wednesday Weekly Websites, Holiday recap and enough Banter to listen while chores get done… wasn’t that your resolution? No worries, crack a brew, we can’t keep ours either.


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