The Pilot #33: The Holiday Show w/ The Drizz!

12/01/2014 For this holiday extravaganza, WalterandFonz get on their sleigh and shoot out to Montebello to hang in a barbershop… inside a garage?! What makes it better? The Drizz! Only 2 years in existence, their music captures decades of rock n roll styles. We talk shop over winter brews about what is Drizz, their music and upcoming shows. If you’re playing last minute Santa, Liquor or Gift Card? Food that finally makes it Christmas…Fonz shares with us an embarrassing confession! Walt bounces at an Irish Bar. Samuel Jacksons, Abuelita Ale, Mike’s Ralph Card guitar pick & more! Thanks Dre, Bubba & Mike & Happy Holidays everyone!!

Esoteric, Some Days, Funky Christmas & Holding On LIVE!!!



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