The Pilot #24: We’re on a boat yo! We’re on a boat w/ The Cap. John Klag

TweetSharePin6/24/2014 How do we top one of the most successful shows of the year??? With shame…. Nod your head as WalterandFonz perform their first show on water! That’s right! We hang with Justin and Capt. John Carl Klag on this… Continue Reading

The Pilot #8: Funktasticmelofunktron Friday… The 13th!

TweetSharePin 9/23/2013 Blue equals funk?! FanstasticmelofunktronFriday…the 13th?! Walter and Fonz discuss the history of Friday the 13th! Fonz realizes he committed to throwing a Halloween party from a previous drinking night. Oh yeah, and James Brown, we love James Brown,… Continue Reading