The Pilot #28: This Show is Cash Only! Carina Vitolo of The Moan

9/02/2014 Fonz travels to see the Grand Canyon, International Space Station, biggest preserved meteor crater, and most importantly, a sticker that read Long Beach drinking club?!! What would Ben Hur look like if he were Indian and getting married in the most posh hotel in Laguna Beach? Walt tells the tale of no ordinary traditional Indian wedding! What is the definition of Soul?! Carina Vitolo of The Moan stops by and explains. She also brings her partner in crime Laurel, well at least the crime of being kickass bartenders at the 36/36, a gem of a dive in LB! We talk Moan, Moanettes, music and more!! ….possibleanniversaryshow? …rapisrock…OldManFireballs! THIS SHOW IS CASH ONLY!!!


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