The Pilot #29: The Ghostly Gondolier: Drew St. Marie!

9/30/2014 WalterandFonz take a journey into Naples Island with the help of Gondola Getaways’ master gondolier and future mayor of Long Beach Drew Sainte Marie! Stories witnessed within’ the waters of the island! All things gondola, history of these floating masterpieces as well as the Vogalonga…the what?! We even carry a real Italian on board, Nick our friend & beverage provider hangs. Our day in LA= McLogan, Grand Central MarketAmoeba & Grill ‘em All yet again! You wanna rob a cop bar?! Decades ago someone did & failed at the Shortstop in Echo Park, our version of the infamous incident! Music by Portland, ME punk band The Bed Bugs. It’s a show like no other, it’s Amore!


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