The Pilot #46: Dekes Are In!

5/19/2016 Dekes are in! WalterandFonz and Tommy Guzzo hang after several years. Fonz turns the show into Behind the Music: Dek Factor! Were they like the MC5? No, but they were certainly better live than recorded! Bear fights Lion, who wins?!! The show discusses who deserves the Firestone Union Jack Double IPA! What is an “influencer” and why are companies losing interest in them… Influencers: better learn a trade! Medal Music: Workout Albums! You’ll find foreshadowing, transitioning, and teasing… still a disaster of a podcast, but without a doubt, an extravaganza! We relive the pager…Tommy brings out Walt’s Burt Reynold’s dormant laugh… Fonz hits it out of the park! Remember Napster? Don’t forget to queue! Queue this show now!!!


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