The Pilot #69: Opie Ortiz & Damien King

9/22/2017 This podcast will tattoo your ears! If it doesn’t, Opie Ortiz and Damien King will! Walter and Fonz shoot out to Still Life Tattoo in Seal Beach to talk shop! Opie Ortiz is not only an awesome tattoo artist, he is also front man of Long Beach Dub All Stars and creator of iconic band Sublime’s sun logo. Opie and Damien are some old dogs of Long Beach and talk about growing up in the LBC in the 90’s. Tat Talk…TAT TALK: We discuss how one became a tattoo artist back in the day, tattoo etiquette, and how not to be an a-hole to tattoo artists inside and outside of the shop. Long Beach Dub All Stars are back! While drinking Alesmith’s Sublime Mexican Lager, we chat about what’s next for the band and how Opie once lost a Cadillac! King’s Fury… Campout Magazine… Don’t Get Weird Dude… and all sorts of mayhem. First show of the Fall – enjoy!

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