The Pilot #68: The Football Show!

8/14/2017 With football around the corner, it was only appropriate that Walter and Fonz share some of their favorite football stories.  Trust, these stories are odd; not even Wikipedia has this info! A player lives in the hospital during the season (hence the name Dr. Death!) and another uses smelling sauce in order to finish the rest of the game! Several former football players played some of our favorite movie characters in Hollywood!  What would you do for a TD celebration dance? Fonz decides to punt a Tommy Burger! We get press passes to The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival!!!… Bullhead City… Randy Moss… Vel the Wonder… Did we mention we get press passes to something?! Better take some journalism classes and if you like football, don’t punt on this show! This show is Straight Cash Homie, it’s the Football Show!!!

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